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They're out there, calling. From across the street. From around the island. From miles offshore, and from the depths of a cave. Adventures. Things you've never seen. Things you've never done. Things you've never imagined. Will you see them? Do them? Experience them!


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Grand Bahama Island is the second most popular tourist destination in the Bahamas. Here you will find long stretches of deserted clean-white beaches, one major casino, night-time entertainment and world-class scuba diving facilities and land and sea sports.


Freeport is the resort center of the Island where much action can be found. On the eastern and western ends of the Island are serene and quaint settings and finding a hide-away spot is relatively easy. Shopping is also a feature as one can stroll through Port Lucaya Marketplace and discover duty-free treasures from around the world.

Port Lucaya
Port Lucaya

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West End

Like New Providence, the larger Grand Bahama boasts (more) miles of pearly white beaches. Unlike Nassau, the less populated outskirts of Grand Bahama supply more serene and tranquil surroundings (read deserted beaches) popular amongst those who desire private hideaway spots reminiscent of the Family Islands. Visit the West End and travel back in time.


Divers and underwater photographers fin along in awe over Grand Bahamas' protected and lavish coral reefs with surge channels, coral heads, blue holes, caves, overhangs, crevices, ravines, arches, swim-through and caverns! Colorful and abundant variety of tropical fish, blatantly parading themselves in front of the dynamic, colorful coral, gorgonian, and sponge backdrop allure you ever onward through crystal clear water.
Protected by an active mooring program these sites are healthy and alive. See below for a description of each. For over 44 years UNEXSO has been a leading, positive influence in this area's reef ecology. Their dedicated efforts are obvious from the results.

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The 40 acres of Lucayan National Park, located 25 miles east of Lucaya, offer visitors a chance to explore the natural habitat of Grand Bahama Island. The park encompasses pine forests, caves full of stalagmites, pigeon plum trees and the burial ground of the now extinct Lucayan Indians. When you think of the Bahamas, pine trees don't normally come to mind. But on Grand Bahama Island, they are just as tropical as the palm trees and turquoise waters.

Grand Bahama Island is home to six ecosystems, all present at Lucayan National Park. As you stroll along the wooden boardwalk through the mangrove, you will encounter ferns, many species of native and migratory birds and dozens of rare flower species, including orchids.

Also a part of the park is one of the world's longest underwater cave systems, accessible by both land and sea. Diving in the caves is allowed in certain areas but only with special permission from Underwater Explorers Society.

Kayak in a protected inland creek through beautiful mangroves. Visit limestone caves at Lucayan National Park and learn the history of Lucayan Indians. Enjoy spectacular snorkeling at Gold Rock Beach, a short swim from the Bahamian shore. To sign up and receive additional information, please contact our Guest Services Desk.

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If there is one type of fishing experience that is synonymous with the Bahamas, it's bonefishing. These small but powerful shallow water fish are considered pound-for-pound one of the fastest and strongest saltwater fish in the world. This makes it a great challenge for any angler willing to test their skill and patience. The shallow water reefs and cays that surround the Bahamas make it a perfect backdrop for bonefishing. While many anglers are familiar with bonefishing in the Bahamian islands of Andros and Eleuthera, it's a well known fact that bonefishing in Freeport Grand Bahama, Nassau Bahamas and Paradise Island is just as good, if not better. Our bonefishing guides are considered some of the best bonefishing guides in the Bahamas, with several bonefishing tournament titles to their name. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced fly fisherman or novice looking to land them bones, our captains will go the extra mile to ensure you have a great time.

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Bone fishing
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